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FiberKnight offers innovative and cost-effective managed IT solutions perfect for small to medium sized businesses.
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Membership Pricing & Breakdown

Each project brings varying levels of complexity. Our membership price is unique to each individual project. It is best to contact us with your project details to ensure an accurate quote. Having said that, membership packages typically average between $15 and $20 per month. We rarely charge upfront fees for the design of your website and will even create a demo for you prior to signing up.

Memberships include the design of your new website, hosting for the site with 10GB of monthly bandwidth, security updates, and monthly management. Add-ons include domain registration, email boxes, increased bandwidth, and dedicated server space for high traffic sites. All memberships include discounted hourly rates for graphic design work like business cards, logo design, posters, and other various marketing materials.

Marketing Firm: $10,000+ 0
Contract Developer: $1,000-$3,000 0
SquareSpace: $26 per month 0
DesignKnight: $15 per month 0

Prices reflect estimates (2016) only. Per month fees extrapolated out for one year for purpose of percentages. Prices subject to change.